Laughing Pebble Studio with ink-quill logo over a reflective winter stream, offering art, design, word sculpting, and social media management.

Build community with creativity.

Small business owners know a customer base is more than just a market to target. Your customers are your community.

Meet your community and see it grow with approachable design, inviting communication, and reliable connection.

social media

writing services

creative & design

social media management

Community takes time to build– and your time is too often interrupted by the pressing responsibilities of day-to-day business.

Entrust your brand to consistent and creative social media management through Laughing Pebble Studio.

writing services

Be it for video scripts, email content, or website copy, my writing is defined by a commitment to collaboration, clear communication, and imagination.

Let’s see how much further we can take your work, together.

design & creative

There’s a multitude of ways to meet your customers right where they are. From short videos to long newsletters, the right design matters more than ever before.

Let Laughing Pebble Studio enhance your presence online & off!

Over the dark, reflective waters of a riverbank in winter, the words Laughing Pebble Studio appear. Next to that is the logo, a feather quill and splotch of fresh ink. The water is full of wavy impressions of the bare trees overhead. Below we read the Studio purpose: Art and Design, Word Sculpting, and Social Media.

Creative expression is my passion

In addition to my work in writing and design, I am a visual artist and craftsperson. Inspired by the beauty of our world and the bliss found in little things, I’ve curated an Etsy shop to showcase my creative work. Enjoy my painter’s studio!

laughing Pebble Studio quill pen logo for writing, art, and social media management

Laughing Pebble Studio

Pilar Goldstein-Dea, Principal

Serving the Pioneer Valley & beyond

Pilar did more than edit. She sought understanding of my needs and made my voice more present in the content.

-GK, for editing

I can recommend Pilar without reservation.

-MB, for transcription work and copy editing

Creative, diligent, and self-directed, Pilar has improved my social media presence.

-EW, for copywriting, editing, social media management