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Pilar Goldstein-Dea

Writing and Design Services

  • Social Media Management: Community isn’t just a brick-and-mortar space! Let me help you amplify your presence online. À la carte pricing allows you to build a social marketing plan that fits your unique needs. You plan may include photography, articles, videos, and more. Click for more detail
  • Basic Design Services: Along with writing, I offer graphic design for print and digital media. This includes website and blog construction, newsletters, postcards, posters, placards, announcements, menus… and even videos.
  • Content Writing: I write articles, blog posts, newsletters, reports, video scripts and the like to educate and entertain your community and build your customer base. Click for more detail
  • Copywriting: I create shorter creative content for websites, landing pages, brochures, emails, postcards, ads & inserts. Copy works hand in hand with graphic design to convey your message efficiently and elegantly. My Projects page is full of examples!
  • Editing: I’ll organize your ideas into a cohesive whole, researching concepts, fact-checking ideas, and polishing grammar and form.
  • Proofreading: I’ll ensure your writing is accurate, grammatically correct, and coherent. I’ll make corrections or simply offer suggestions based on your intent and style.
  • Transcription Services: let me turn your video or audio into a document that’s searchable, savable & easy to share.

Share your email if you’d like to learn more about my services. I can send along a detailed list of services that I offer, including my fees. How can I help?

About Me

I am an artist, writer, and counselor who draws inspiration from the beauty that connects us and strength that fuels each one of us.

Like most writers, my first motivation came by way of enchanted storytelling (two favorites are Long Quiet Highway and The Starless Sea). My academic writing in Art History, Psychology, and Buddhist Chaplaincy served to strengthen my technical abilities, and I’ve put these skills to work for my community as Laughing Pebble Studio since 2004.

I love the intimacy and camaraderie of working in this way for small business owners, artists, craftspeople, and others in my community. There is no better feeling than helping each other attain our goals, making the world a bit better by our efforts.

Published work and ephemera

Nonfiction: psychology Grief, Revisited: Transcending Kübler-Ross

Weaving myth & modern life: Cailleachś Cold Cackle

Lists & reviews: 10 (Great, Unexpected) Movies About Women’s Rights


My personal writing projects travel an orbit of better understanding relationships, history and art. I enjoy playing with the ideas of space, time, and what it means to be human. You’ll find a flavor of this in my blog.


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